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Baggage Scanning Machines

Baggage Scanning Machines

Baggage Scanning Machines | Baggage X Ray Scanner | With 2 years onsite warranty | Starts from Rs. 8.5L |Tunnel Size 4040, 5030, 6040, 6550, 7555, 8065, 100100. Nowadays it is very common to see a lot of baggage x ray scanner or baggage scanning system in many places like hotels, embassies, schools, airports, railway stations, metro stations, government building, and cargo stations etc. The baggage scanner is also called baggage X ray machine because this machine comes with an integrated X-ray technology. Mostly in many public places, before you check in, you need to put your baggage on a conveyor belt of the x ray baggage scanner and then wait beside the machine. If there are any types of metal like knives or guns which are dangerous, the X ray baggage scanner will alarm. The baggage scanning system is very effective and helpful in the field of security inspection because of its high sensitivity and convenience.

We Pentagon Engineers are the manufacturer, wholesale supplier and traders of all type of baggage x ray machines. We provide the best quality machines at very low cost.  For more details about Baggage Scanning Machines, you can contact us at 9818521303 or 9818821303 or you can write us at or you can also check the details of our all products at our another website


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