Metal Detectors

As a leading supplier of all type of Electronic Security Systems. We are also experts in all types of Hand Held Metal Detectors and Door Frame Metal Detector.   We have a full range of Hand Held and Walk-through Metal Detectors like Portable, Single Zone, Dual Zone, 6 Zone, 9 Zone, 12 Zone, 18 Zone, 27 Zone, 32 Zone Door Frame Metal Detectors. We also provide customized solution as per the client’s need.  You can use our door frame metal detectors for Offices, Factories, Institutions, Banks, Embassies, Hotels, Airports, Railways, Metro, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Events or any location where security concern is higher. You can also check the details of our Door Frame Metal Detector on our another website

Hand Held Metal Detector

Model – PE Alpha

Model – PE Metalert

Model – D100S

Model – PE Ultra

Door Frame Metal Detector

Basic DFMD, Model – PE Economy

Portable DFMD, Model – PE Flexi

Standard DFMD, Model – PE Deluxe

Dual Zone DFMD, Model – Safe Gate DZ

6 Zone DFMD, Model – D 1065S

9 Zone DFMD, Model – Safe Gate – 9Z

18 Zone DFMD, Model – D 2180 S

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