Baggage X Ray Scanner

We Pentagon Engineers are also expert in all types of  Baggage X Ray Scanner. We have full range of Baggage X Ray Machines with different tunnel sizes like 5030, 6550, 8065 and 100100 etc. We provide the Baggage Scanners on Rent also on daily / Weekly or Monthly basis for events, IPL, games, exhibitions, corporate events etc. in Delhi NCR. Our Baggage X Ray Machines for Schools, Embassies, Airports, Railways, Metro, Hospitals, Government Organizations, Corporate, Factories, Industries, Institutes etc. You can also check our other models for Baggage X-Ray Scanner

Basic Model – PE 5030

This Small and Light X – Ray Inspection System is Designed for Quick and Effective Use Where Small Bags and Parcels Needs to be Screened. Download Catalogue

Standard Model – PE 6550

PE XJ 6550 is intended for visual inspection of various objects like Mail, Handhold Baggage and Other Small and Mid-Size Items. Download Catalogue

Mid-Size Model – PE 8065

PE XJ 8065 is a perfect solution for the visual inspection of check-in rolling baggage, handbags, boxes and parcels without opening them. Download Catalogue

For Cargo Model – PE 100100

PE XJ 100100 is specially designed for quick, accurate and handsfree inspection of Baggage and Small Cargo. Download Catalogue

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