X Ray Baggage Scanner

 X Ray Baggage Scanner 

Get Hi-End X Ray Baggage Scanner

with 2 Years Warranty

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Pentagon Engineers offers high-end x ray baggage scanner to ensure the security of all entry and exit point of important locations like Metro and Railway Stations, Airports, Seaports, Transport Terminals, Buildings and so on.  Our Baggage Screening Machines can scan all type of small, medium and big size bags and parcels to detect and point out all type of unwanted and unsafe items, contraband, and weapons etc.  We provide customized solutions to our clients as per their requirement. We can provide Baggage Scanner with any tunnel size like 500mm x 300mm, 530mm x 350mm, 600mm x 400mm, 620mm x 420mm, 650mm x 500mm, 750mm x 550mm, 800mm x 650mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, 1500mm x 1500mm etc.

X Ray Baggage Scanner

PE XJ 5030

Baggage Scanenr

PE XJ 6550

Security X Ray Scanner

PE XJ 8065

We also provide these X Ray Baggage Scanner on Rent in all over India. To know more about our range of X Ray Baggage Machines you can call us on above mentioned numbers or writeus at digitalindia99@gmail.com or you can log on to our other website also www.baggage-x-ray-scanner.com.

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